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Welcome Dr.Huang Huang fromUniversity of Bamberg in Germany to be committee member.


Dr.Huang Huang,Institute of Archaeology, Heritage Sciences and Art History (IADK),University of Bamberg, Germany

Research Area:Heritage Science, Theory and History of Architectual and Urban Conservation, History of Garden Landscaping

Research Experience:
Research emphasis and title of Master’s thesis: Investiagtion and Restoration on Classical Gardens of Yangzhou in the Early Modern Period (15th-19thcentury) (language: Chinese, finished in the Huaqiao University, China)
Research emphasis and title of PhD. Dissertation: Value Recognition of Suzhou from the Perspective of Heritage Science (language: English, University of Bamberg, Germany)
Huang H., Chen L., Guan R. The column comparison between Chinese Traditional Order and Western Classical Order. Chinese & Overseas Architecture, 2009;82-85.
Huang H., Guan R. Concept conversion of old factory building reconstruction. Huazhong Architecture, 2009;82-84.
Huang H., Intrinsic Value of Bavarian Rural House Landscape. Huazhong Architecture, 2017;13-17.

Relevant Conferences:
Das Erbe der Anderen-Denkmalpflegerisches Handeln im Zeichen der Globalisierung
(English: The Heritage of the Other. Conservation Considerations in an Age of Globalization.)
2013-11, Univerity of Bamberg, Germany
Preserving German-Czech Cultural and Natural Heirtage.
2017-01, Archaeo-Centre Bavaria-Bohemia, University of Bamberg, Germany and Czech Republic
Language proficiency: Chinese (mother language), English (C1 Level), German (B2 Level)