Welcome Yang Gu Xiong from Jingzhou city planning and Design Institute to be committee member.

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Senior Architect ,Yang Gu Xiong,Jingzhou city planning and Design Institute,China

Research Area:Architectural design.

Research Experience:
 I am a senior architects,have been engaged in architectural design work in Jingzhou city planning and Design Institute for years. 本人在荆州市城市规划设计研究院长期从事建筑设计工作,高级建筑师 One of my works, “The tower of oil city” has been won the secondary prize in the Barcelona international design competition in 2016, 作品《油城之塔》2016年获巴塞罗国际设计大赛二等奖 and the other design works have been won the sencondary prize for the excellent design of Architectural Engineering in Hubei Province for several times. 其他设计作品多次获得湖北省建筑工程优秀设计二等奖One of my article (thought of from the Epiphyllum"Mythology") has published in Ten years' monograph on shantytown reform。文章《从昙华林“神话 想到的”》发表在棚改十年专著And many of my other articles have been published in core journals in China for several times. 其他文章多次在国内核心期刊发表